Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2018-19 Winners Gallery

The F.M.S. Contest of the Month is open to all students in all grades!
Here are this year's winners so far...

September 2018
Theme: Wildcat Pride
Winner: Reese D., Grade 5

Monday, October 2, 2017

2017-18 Winners' Gallery

Congrats to this year's winners 
and ALL who participated for their school spirit and for sharing their art!

May/June 2018
Theme: Summertime
Winner: Mesha R., Grade 6

April 2018
Theme: 2019 Arts Festival Logo
Winner: Ryan P., Grade 6

March 2018
Theme: Artist's Choice
Winner: Angelina D., Grade 8

February 2018
Theme: Imaginary Creatures
Winner:  Emma M., Grade 8

January 2018
Theme: Superheroes
Winner:  Brody D., Grade 5

December 2017
Theme: Winter Holiday
Winner:  Madison A., Grade 6

November 2017
Theme: Animals
Winner:  Lilly D., Grade 8

October 2017
Theme: Haunted Places
Winner:  Dante A., Grade 5

September 2017
Theme: Favorite Book
Winner:  Caitlyn R., Grade 5

Saturday, October 1, 2016

2016-17 Winners Gallery

Congrats to this year's winners 
and all who participated for their school spirit and for sharing their art!
Maybe next year, YOU too will be on the Wall of Fame!!

May 2017
Theme: Ocean and Beach Scenes
Winner:  Mikayla B., Grade 6

April 2017
Theme: Imaginary Creatures
Winner:  Nicholas G., Grade 7

March 2017
Theme: Artist's Choice
Winner:  Allyson G., Grade 8

February 2017
Theme: Favorite Sport or Team
Winner:  Isabel H., Grade 5

January 2017
Theme: Wild Animals
Winner:  Keifer H., Grade 7

December 2016
Theme: Winter Wonderland
Winner:  Allana P., Grade 7

November 2016
Theme: Favorite Book
Winner:  Alissa A., Grade 7

October 2016
Theme: Jack O' Lanterns
Winner:  Loveigh R., Grade 7

September 2016
Theme: Pokemon Fan Art
Winner: Madison A., Grade 5

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015-2016 Winners Gallery

Congrats to this year's winners 
and all who participated for their school spirit and for sharing their art!
Maybe next year, YOU too will be on the Wall of Fame!!

2015-2016 F.M.S. Art Contest of the Month Winners:

May Theme: Favorite Book
Winner: Kristina D., Grade 6

April Theme: Imaginary Creatures
Winner: Vanessa C., Grade 7

March Theme: Youth Art Month- Artist's Choice
Winner: Allyson G., Grade 7

February Theme: Sports
Winner: Kylie G., Grade 5

January Theme: Outer Space
Winner: Sara L., Grade 5

December Theme: Favorite Holiday Movie
Winner: Erinn C., Grade 8

November Theme: Favorite Animal
Winner: Lilly D., Grade 6

October Theme: Halloween Night 
Winner: Savanna H., Grade 7

September Theme: Wildcat Pride! 
Winner: Liza P., Grade 5 

Monday, September 29, 2014

2014-2015 Winners Gallery

May 2015 Theme: U.S.A. • Winner: Elizabeth T., Gr.7

April 2015 Theme: Nature & Wildlife • Winner: Tahlia S., Gr.6

March 2015 Theme: Artist's Choice • Winner: Sara C., Gr.8

February 2015 Theme: Mythical Creatures • Winner: Victoria D., Gr.7

January 2015 Theme: Superheroes • Winner: Charlie F., Gr.6

An F.M.S. Contest first: It's a tie!
 December 2014 Theme: Rudolph's 50th Birthday • Winner: Rebekah S., Gr.7

 December 2014 Theme: Rudolph's 50th Birthday • Winner: Jazlyn G., Gr.5

November 2014 Theme: Favorite Book • Winner: Allyson G., Gr.6

October 2014 Theme: Halloween Creatures and Characters • Winner: Joshua D., Gr.6

September 2014 Theme: Somewhere in the World You Want to Go • Winner: Hannah C., Gr. 8

Sunday, July 27, 2014

2013-2014 Winners Gallery

September 2013 Theme: PBIS at FMS    Winner: Sydney V., Gr. 8
October 2013 Theme: Spookyworld   Winner: Abe D., Gr. 8
November 2013 Theme: Favorite Movie   Winner: April B., Gr. 7
December 2013 Theme: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas   Winner: Camrin R., Gr. 8
January 2014 Theme: Imaginary Creatures  Winner: Emily D., Gr. 8

February 2013 Theme: Winter Olympics   Winner: Audra S., Gr. 5

March 2014 Theme: Youth Art Month Artist's Choice  Winner: Zachary F., Gr. 7
April 2014 Theme: Pets & Animals   Winner: Makayla T., Gr. 6

May 2014 Theme: At the Beach    Winner: Phineas D., Gr. 8

2012-13 Winners Gallery

September 2012 Theme: Favorite Book   Winner: Sarah H., Gr. 5
October 2012 Theme: Monster Mash   Winner: Jeremy L., Gr. 6
November Theme: Ancient Egypt   Winner: Lauren F., Gr. 7
December 2012 Theme: Winter Wonderland   Winner: Emily D., Gr. 7
January 2013 Theme: Save the Animals!   Winner: Caroline R., Gr. 7
February 2013 Theme: Candyland   Winner: Emelia D., Gr. 5
March 2013 Theme: Cartoon Character   Winner: Jack B., Gr. 7
April 2013 Theme: Art & Music   Winner: Phineas D., Gr. 7
May 2013 Theme: Artist's Choice   Winner: April B., Gr. 6