Monday, October 2, 2017

2017-18 Winners' Gallery

Congrats to this year's winners 
and ALL who participated for their school spirit and for sharing their art!

May/June 2018
Theme: Summertime
Winner: Mesha R., Grade 6

April 2018
Theme: 2019 Arts Festival Logo
Winner: Ryan P., Grade 6

March 2018
Theme: Artist's Choice
Winner: Angelina D., Grade 8

February 2018
Theme: Imaginary Creatures
Winner:  Emma M., Grade 8

January 2018
Theme: Superheroes
Winner:  Brody D., Grade 5

December 2017
Theme: Winter Holiday
Winner:  Madison A., Grade 6

November 2017
Theme: Animals
Winner:  Lilly D., Grade 8

October 2017
Theme: Haunted Places
Winner:  Dante A., Grade 5

September 2017
Theme: Favorite Book
Winner:  Caitlyn R., Grade 5

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